Our SRI expertise

We implement Socially Responsible Investment tailored to the needs of each investor. It features a selective approach to issuers and companies in line with the Label ISR framework, audited by a third party and subject to enhanced transparency.

A partner committed to SRI and sustainable finance

Believing firmly that Socially Responsible Investment promotes the development of sustainable growth, La Banque Postale Asset Management has made SRI central to its investment strategy for 20 years. 

Our goals: to find solutions to protect the climate and biodiversity, to strive for observation of human rights and diversity, to provide pension financing solutions, and to encourage local/regional development and support for SMEs. This strategy is a powerful driver for innovation, risk management, and identification of companies geared toward the future. 

As a multi-specialist conviction SRI asset manager, we offer bespoke SRI solutions and a range of eligible open-ended funds all certified by the public Label ISR

Certified open-ended funds

We have chosen the “Label ISR” backed by the French State for our entire range of eligible open-ended funds. This demanding framework defines principles that are binding on us as an asset management company: quantitative thresholds to observe, obligations of transparency on practices and reports. An independent audit firm, accredited by Label ISR, conducts an on-site audit to ensure that these rules are observed and verify the quality of portfolio management processes. 

Exclusion Policy

The Exclusion Committee decides whether or not to exclude countries or companies exposed to major controversies in sensitive sectors (controversial weapons, tobacco, gambling, coal, etc.). It is also responsible for managing the reputational risk of all portfolios. 

Dialogue and engagement

We firmly believe that responsible investment is key to allowing the financial markets to play a virtuous role in the economy. Our selection, based on the four pillars of the GREaT methodology, goes hand-in-hand with corporate engagement. Accordingly, we engage a dialogue with the companies we invest in and hold discussions with them throughout the year in an effort to better understand their practices and encourage them to make improvements. Not only do we meet with companies, but we also vote at General Meetings, which generates a firm impact on the strategic objectives adopted.